Tan lejos, Tan cerca

SindromeStudio was invited to design an art installation for a cultural event called “So far, so close” with artists from Havana and Miami, sponsored by the international telecom company Rebtel and the creative group Hapecollective. The event had the purpose to cultivate and strengthen the friendship between the two cities’ cultural scene by creating a space for social connections. Our proposal was based on establishing those connections using the reference image of the public waterfront “El Malecón”, Havana’s most iconic urban landmark, as a bridge more than a wall, which connects the two cities physically by water and emotionally through family bonds, which go way beyond the limited digital internet connections with which Cuba struggles. The art installation created together with the collaboration of Cuban American Wynwood-based graffiti artist ABSTRK, became an interactive colorful Malecón that acted as phone booths with free calls to Cuba, shared seating, bar counter and moving platform during the event.