How to integrate the natural experience of the jungle in the living space of an apartment building?

The building is designed as a stacked villa, the concept of stacking individual houses with their own character generates an articulated typology of 4 floors with 15 different apartments, each one with its own private terrace and pool placed on the open spaces created by the rotation of the volumes, taking full advantage of the corner views. An exterior-interior void is created in the
center of the building that reminds us of a Mexican traditional patio, as the main social space. The building is conceived using passive architecture, the interior spaces are naturally ventilated and illuminated, with a double façade of moving panels made of local wood and sliding glass doors that allow the manual regulation of the sunlight, and the flexibility of complete openness or total privacy. The use of the local pigmented cement stucco with the ancient Mayan technic of “chukum” gives the building a handcrafted finishing and fully integrates it within its context.